PHP News Reader v2.6.3

Release Date: 2005/09/22
PHP News Reader - Introduction
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PHP News Reader is a web based News Reader.

It supports the standard NNTP protocol (RFC 977) for reading, posting, deleting, forwarding and replying news articles.


Technical Standards:

To install PHP News Reader, please check the Requirements, and then read the Installation Guide.

PHP News Reader has nothing to do with the user registration. It is designed to work with the EXISTING authentication system. PHP News Reader supports several flexible authentication interface modules, which let administrator easy to control how to authenticate users. There are various built-in authentication modules.

The support for MySQL and PostgreSQL also makes it possible to authenticate through the accounts of many PHP products, for example: phpBB.

And it is easy to write your authentication module to be used by PHP News Reader.

The login prompt can be configured as HTTP (as a popup window) or FORM style.
Besides, if you already login on phpBB, one can also utilize the session without login again.

PHP News Reader supports multiple interface languages, including English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Français, Finnish, German, Italiano and Slovak. The preferred language can be switched any time and any where.

PHP News Reader also supports the on-the-fly coding conversion between Traditional Chinese (used in Taiwan) and Simplified Chinese (used in China).

But the PHP iconv() function may not work on some old systems and it also has problems of handling Chinese words. So PHP News Reader use a self-implemented conversion system. The conversion between Chinese charsets (BIG5, GB2312 and Unicode/UTF-8) is natively supported. The charset of article is auto-converted to the preferred one while the selected charset of interface is different from the charset of the news articles. This conversion also effectives while posting, replying, forwarding and cross-posting articles. The posted articles will also be converted to the charset of the original article in the news server.

PHP News Reader's development started around August 2001. I wrote this software in my leisure time, mostly in the weekend. Although PHP News Reader still lacks many fancy features, it works fine to meet the basic requirements - Reading Netnews.

This is PHP News Reader v2.6.3. Here is the release notes since v2.6.0:

PHP News Reader v2.6.3 (2005/09/22)

PHP News Reader v2.6.2 (2005/05/30) PHP News Reader v2.6.1 (2005/01/01) PHP News Reader v2.6.0 (2004/12/25) You can also browse the whole change logs by clicking here.

PHP News Reader applies GPL license, click here for a reference.

You are free to use or modify PHP News Reader under the GPL license.
And I am very appreciated if you share your comments and modification with me.


Many people help the development of PHP News Reader, click here to know their contributions.
Since January 2003, PHP News Reader hosts itself on SourceForge:
Project Home:

Demonstration: (in English)  (tw.bbs.*, in Chinese/BIG5)  (tw.bbs.*, in Chinese/BIG5, with url_rewrite turning on)  (threading support)

Download the latest version from SourceForge:

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Installation Guide:

PHP News Reader - Installation and Configuration Guide

Checking out the latest source from CVS Repository (read only):

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# cvs -z3 co pnews
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CVS is also available online:

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If you like PHP News Reader, and think it useful for your work, or even making profit from PHP News Reader, you can support me by donating money. But this is *NOT* required. Even without any donation, you can still use PHP News Reader under GPL license.

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Shen Cheng-Da
Taipei, Taiwan

PHP News Reader v2.6.3 (C) 2001-2005 - Shen Cheng-Da